1) How can I make the game more easy / difficult?

Try clipping to different fabrics or clip locations.

2) My monkey stopped laughing before the game was complete

It’s time to change the batteries.

3) Can I wash my monkey?

Due to the internal electronics, the monkey cannot be immersed in water. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

4) How can I switch my monkey off?

After two minutes with no movement, the monkey will automatically turn off to preserve battery life.

5) How does the scoring system work?

The scores are dependent on how long it takes the player to shake the monkey off and pull his tail. The score is given in sounds so listen closely …..

AAH sound means 10 seconds

OOH sound means 1 second

So 2 x AAH and 3 x OOH means 23 seconds in total

6) Can I download a copy of the instructions?

A copy of the instructions can be found by clicking Instructions.